As the original stone coated steel roofing system, the DECRA® product line represents a perfect blending of nearly 60 years of research and practical experience. Offering the ultimate in performance and engineering design is what DECRA® roofing systems are all about.


Exceeding expectations through innovation

The strength and durability of a stone coated steel roof is combined with the versatile good looks of a tile, shake or shingle profile to give you a DECRA® roofing system. DECRA® panels have a unique interlocking design that withstand high winds and add shear strength.

A proven history for surviving harsh conditions

DECRA® roofs are a proven system, surviving some of the harshest weather conditions around the world for over 50 years. The interlocking panels won't crack, break, warp, curl or split and they are warranted for winds of up to 120 mph and against hail penetration. With the severe weather conditions we have been experiencing, now is a great time for a DECRA® stone coated steel roofing system to protect your home and family.

Providing a lifetime of safety and performance

Steel is strong and non-combustible making it an outstanding performer when it comes to hail and fire. A DECRA® roofing system is durable, freeze/thaw resistant and will offer richness and beauty to enhance your home. DECRA® roofs are covered by a transferable Lifetime Limited Warranty, including winds up to 120 MPH and hail penetration.

Committed to sustainability

We are committed to manufacturing a sustainable product. Made of steel, DECRA® products are durable, long-lasting and recyclable at the end of life. A durable, long-lasting recyclable product equates to less future raw materials being used to make new products. Additionally, installation over existing roofing materials is possible; thereby diverting old materials from landfills.

Save money and the environment

Reduce your energy consumption and save on your heating and cooling.

Appearance is essential

Beauty is just one of the many benefits of owning a DECRA® roof and Ageless Beauty is the most important. If appearance is important to you, a beautiful, low maintenance, roofing solution like DECRA®, is a great choice for you.

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